Fire Warden, Marshal & Extinguisher Training

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"The training was very
useful and made me
more aware of fire
safety at work
and home."

CPD Fire Training Courses | FIRE-X

Fire Awareness Training
This is essential for all staff to attend offering a good level and knowledge of fire safety with an option of operating fire extinguishers, suitable for all staff including Managers, team leaders and supervisors and all general staff.

Fire Warden/Marshal Training
Suitable for all staff but especially for those that are responsible for specific areas of work. Covering all aspects of fire safety including extinguishers training, also to assist in fire drills, evacuation and other fire safety duties within the working environment.

Fire Extinguisher Training
The aim of the course is for all staff including those responsible for fire safety on how to operate a range of extinguishers and other means of fire fighting equipment safely.

Advanced Fire Warden\Marshal Training
As per the fire Warden/Marshall course, will include looking at fire safety, hazard spotting and potential fire safety problems within the work place /office, which will involve practical assessments.

Residential Homes/Hospitals
This course is for all occupations within the workplace, specifically for evacuation procedures, entrapment procedures, internal fire drills and use of fire extinguishers.

Maintenance Operatives
An important and valuable course for all those who are responsible for all types of maintenance, to include fire doors and compartmentation. The use of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting methods including dry and wet risers.

Fire Safety and Drill Training Course
Specifically for those wishing to provide induction training within the working environment. Also those required to initiate fire drill training on a six monthly basis including fire evacuation measures.

Fire Safety Management Course
The course itself is specifically designed for supervisors to senior managers that has a responsibility for safety measures within the premises and buildings.

Fire Bespoke Services
FIRE-X are always happy to provide a bespoke course to suit your fire safety requirements please contact us for details.


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