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"Malcolm has undertaken fire risk assessments where required, trained the majority of staff in fire procedures and fire training. Acted as a consultant on more localised issues including inspections, issuing reports and advice following these. He is helpful, knowledgeable and flexible and have no problems recommending Fire-X to any other organisation."


At FIRE-X we can provide a total range of consultancy and advise, using our experienced providers to give you a full and comprehensive service.

In accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 fire risk assessments must be carried out by a 'responsible person' on a regular basis; as a result of this assessment a fire management plan must also be enacted. Fundamentally the fire risk assessment must include an identification of the fire hazards, the persons at risk from fire and ways in which to minimise the risk.

Not only does FIRE-X provide you a fire risk assessment that gives your company or business an action plan from fire management systems and fire prevention together with fire safety proposals but also comprehensive fire training courses which will help to endorse towards reducing the likelihood of fire. The assessment and the fire safety recommendations can usually be done over a day depending on the complexity of the building to ensure your legal obligations are met.

We will also provide fire safety audits, fire drills, procedures and records together with evacuation plans.

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